Best Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer Review (BW-SDB2 / BW-SW2)

Best Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer Review (BW-SDB2 / BW-SW2) BlitzWolf Bluetooth Sound Bar + Subwoofer

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BlitzWolf recently introduced there 2nd generation sound bar BW-SDB2  with wireless Bluetooth technology (previous version BW-SD1 found here). The main difference between the BW-SD1 and BW-SD2 is the ability to connect their new subwoofer BD-SW2 wirelessly. Below is a review of the BW-SDB2 sound bar and the BD-SW2 subwoofer. Note, the sound bar and subwoofer ship separately with frustration free packaging.


Blitzwolf bw sw2 sd2 subwoofer speaker sound bar 

The BW-SDB2 is an exceptional cosmetic upgrade compared to it’s predecessor. Covered in sleek wire metal and wood grain back, the BW-SDB2 feels and looks like an audiophile sound bar to say the least. In addition, the BW-SW2 subwoofer’s elegant design pairs nicely with our home entertainment system in our living area.


Note: You can connect multiple BW-SW2 subwoofers with the BW-SDB2 sound bar. This allows for true 360° bass precision in your home.


The subwoofer comes with a wireless terminal that plugs into the back of the sound bar. This wireless terminal is what is used to connect the subwoofer and sound bar together. In addition, the subwoofer’s only wired connection is for power. This power connection includes a CEE to NEMA power adapter to plug into standard power sockets.


Blitzwolf bw sw2 power connector neema


The BW-SD2 has auxiliary, coaxial, and optical wired connections to receive audio on. In addition, you can pair the sound bar using Bluetooth 4.2.


We connected our sound bar and subwoofer to our TV and immediately noticed a dramatic change in sound quality. The sound bar has 1 to 30 volume level. The maximum continuous volume we had our unit at was between 24-26. The 30 level is loud! The sound bar uses pre configured sound modes including music, news, and movie.


Blitzwolf bw sw2 sd2 front


Blitzwolf bw sw2 angle


We liked Blitzwolf introduced a wireless subwoofer with their latest sound bar. Not only does this sound bar pack a BIG punch of sound, but it delivers crystal clear sound quality. This is the standard in BliztWolf’s speaker products we have been fortunate enough to review.


BW-SD2 Technical Specifications

Power: 60W

Frequency: 60 – 20K Hz

Seperation Degree: 45dB

S/N: 78dB

Input Voltage: ~110-240V 50/60Hz

Weight: 3.4kg


BW-SW2 Technical Specifications

Power: 70W

Input: 110V-240V 50 / 60Hz

Weight: 6.8kg


Buy The BW-SD2 Sound Bar - (Use 15SDB2 for 15% off Limited Time Only) or BlitzWolf


Buy The BW-SW2 Subwoofer - (Use 25SW2 for $25 off Limited Time Only) or BliztWolf


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