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Review Apple MacBook Air Magsafe 2 Cheap Power Adapter Charger

Review Apple MacBook Air Magsafe 2 Cheap Power Adapter Charger
Amazon (by Baicheng) sells a 2nd hand MacBook Air 45w Power Adapter for $23 (Compared to Apple genuine $75) and free shipping. Based on the positive Amazon reviews, we ordered one. It arrived within 3 business days standard ground – the free shipping option.

The power adapter arrived in a discreet plastic shipping bag. Unwrapping revealed a small cardboard box. The adapter could be shaken around in the box.

MacBook Air 45W Charger Box

There was plastic covering around the adapter itself. Easy peel-off.

Macbook Air Power Charger Plastic Covering

The adapted has labeled Replacement AC Adapters 45W Model: Magsafe 2 so it’s not Apple genuine.

Macbook Air Replacement Power Adapter

The power clip snaps on/off easily. It is interchangeable with a genuine charger. We were also able to successfully attach an AC adapter cord into the plug adapter. Overall, the adapter is a lighter and the plastic clipping heads do feel a little cheap compared to our Apple Genuine 45W adapter. The product overall serves its purpose well. We have been using this adapter a few days with no issues. We use the adapter with a 2012 MacBook air.

Macbook Air Replacement Power Adapter Cheap

As for reviews for the power adapter running hot, we have not experienced any heat issues.

Buy it now here.
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Friday, 19 January 2018

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