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Congratulations Apple iPhone User! You Are One of 10 Users… (Pop-Up Scam)

Congratulations Apple IPhone User! You Are One of 10 Users… (Pop-Up Scam)

When you browse a website on your iPhone, you may receive a pop-up message claiming to have won an Amazon or Walmart gift card. The message appears below.


Dear Apple iPhone user,

Congratulations Apple iPhone user! You are one of 10 users we have selected in “” to claim a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card or a $1,000 Walmart Gift Card!


Stop! Do not proceed to the survey and avoid clicking Ok.


The scam message will show you a survey of questions to answer (with authentic YouTube coloring and icons) in order to receive the free “gift card”. You will also see fake user profile reactions who have claimed to have won the gift card. The message will instruct you to “hurry” as there are a limited amount of prized left to be won.


The reason you see this pop-up scam message is due to an expired URL link or old bookmarked link you are using that has cached cookies and images. The link is redirected to the scam website. You will need to re-browse the website you are trying to visit using the method below.

Follow the steps below to remove the pop-up message to allow you to browse the website again.


  1. Close Safari and any other open apps on your iPhone. Double-tap home and swipe up Safari and any other apps.
  1. Go to Settings -> Safari -> and choose Clear History and Website Data.
  1. Reboot your iPhone.

  1. Open Safari app and browse to Google. Type the name of the website (or website page) you were attempting to browse before in Google search and select the website link from Google search results. The website will open without the scammy pop-up message. You can copy the new URL link to your Safari bookmarks to update the old URL link (even if the URL links are identical or very close in appearance.

Alternatively, you can manually browse the website page (type in the URL of the website into Safari and navigate to the website page you were on earlier) you were trying to earlier and update your bookmark this way.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

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User - 26/10/2018 - 08:55

Have been habving this issue last hour. Unreal hinge is trash

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