MediaFire: Failed to Upload - Retry?

MediaFire: Failed to Upload - Retry?

If you are trying to upload a file(s) to MediaFire, you may receive a Failed to upload message with no additional details. If you retry the upload, the error message persists.


  1. You upload a file and it begins in Analyzing state.
Mediafire upload in progress analyzing
  1. Once the file is analyzed, you receive Failed to upload message and an option to Retry but it fails.
Mediafire failed to upload retry

Verify the following on the file you are uploading on MediaFire:


*In some cases, longer filenames will not upload on MediaFire. Reduce your filename to something like “test” and attempt to upload again to see if MediaFire accepts the file. In addition, certain special characters are not accepted including slashes “/” will be rejected in filenames.

*Try splitting up your file(s) into parts. In some cases, MediaFire may force you to split up much larger files.


*Your file(s) are corrupted somehow. Try to recreate, recompress, or re-save your file and try the upload gain.


*The maximum filename size is 255 characters.

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Thursday, 01 June 2023