How To: Shuffle Songs on iPhone

How To: Shuffle Songs on iPhone

It seems the latest iOS keeps changing the way how the Shuffle option appears in the iPhone Music app. Remember when the shuffle and repeat buttons appeared at the bottom of your audio player in Music? Let’s quickly review how to shuffle music on an iPhone in a Playlist or by all Songs.


Shuffle iPhone Music by Playlists


1. Open Music app.

2. In your Music Library, open Playlists

iPhone Library Playlists


3. Select any playlist here that contain multiple songs.

iPhone Select Playlist to Shuffle


4. You will see Shuffle All below the playlist title picture below. Click this to begin shuffling your playlist songs.

iPhone Shuffle All Playlist Button


5. Once a song begins playing, you can hit >> to advance to the next song while still shuffling.

iPhone Music Shuffle Play Next


Shuffle iPhone Music by Songs


1. Open Music app.

2. In your Music Library, open Songs.

3. The shuffle icon is toward the top of your list pictured below.

iPhone Shuffle All Songs

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