Fix: Errors Have Been Detected in The File Outlook.ost

Fix: Errors Have Been Detected in The File Outlook.ost

If you launched Microsoft Outlook, you may receive a message about your OST having errors detected in it.


Errors have been detected in the file \\ .ost 


The Outlook OST file is a “mirror” file from the Exchange server that allows a user to work offline when the server is down or offline. This file stores emails synchronized with your Outlook exchange server, so emails are stored locally on your computer, which often improves Outlook performance tremendously. In the event your Exchange server is down, you would still have access to emails you last synced with your exchange server. Sometimes, the Outlook OST file gets corrupted from Outlook not shutting down properly (force quit in task manager as a good example).


  1. The only way to repair an OST file is to delete it. This file gets recreated the next time you synchronize with your Outlook Exchange server.
  1. First, quit Outlook. To find your Outlook OST location, go to File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> Data Files tab -> click on your OST -> Open File Location.
  1. Delete your OST file in this location.

  1. Re-launch Outlook. Your Inbox and Calendars will begin to re-sync. This process may take up to an hour, depending how large your mailbox is. You can monitor the status of the synchronization in the bottom right corner of Outlook.

When you see the message all folder are up to date the synchronization completed.


Outlook all folders are up to date


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