Fix: Disable Joomla 3 PHP System Error Notification Messages

Disable Joomla 3 PHP System Error Notification Messages

If you recently updated to the latest version of Joomla, you may notice new backend error messages about your version of PHP being outdated.

We have detected that your server is using PHP 5.4.45 which is obsolete and no longer receives official security updates by its developers. The Joomla! Project recommends upgrading your site to PHP 5.6 or later which will receive security updates at least until 2018-12-31. Please ask your host to make PHP 5.6 or a later version the default version for your site. If your host is already PHP 5.6 ready please enable PHP 5.6 on your site's root and 'administrator' directories – typically you can do this yourself through a tool in your hosting control panel, but it's best to ask your host if you are unsure.

Even if you set your Joomla 3 messages (System -> Global Configuration -> Server -> Error Reporting) to None, the errors persist. It is highly recommended to upgrade your PHP version. This is easy to do.


  1. Login to your cPanel.
  1. Click PHPConfig. 
  1. The current stable version of PHP is PHP 5.6 and is highly recommended you update to it. Things to keep in mind before changing your PHP version.
Joomla cpanel change php version

            *Verify your installed Joomla Plugins support the latest version of PHP you are enabling.

            *Enable Joomla System messages in order to keep an eye out for new PHP error after you change. (System -> Global Configuration -> Server -> Error Reporting)


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