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Review: Smile Dent Pro – Dental Tool Kit

Review: Smile Dent Pro – Dental Tool Kit

We purchased the Smile Dent Pro prepared dental tool kit. We were looking for a steel reliable dentist pick(s) to have around the home and in other places – like the car. This kit blew us away. Not only was it under $12, but included free shipping.


Dental carry case nice

Smile dent pro dental kit all tools


The kit comes with the following pieces:


Velcro Nylon Carry Case with Zipper

Stainless Steel Anti-Fog Dental Mirror

Stainless Steel Dental Pick / Explorer

Stainless Steel Dental Probe

Stainless Steel Tweezers

Stainless Steel Sickles Scaler and Dental Tarter Scaler

Smile dent tools included scraper threader


All tools are 100% stainless steel and offer exceptional grip and resiliency when using on teeth. The dental pick and probe are nearly the same tool for us, so we use each for the same purpose.


This is one bathroom set we will be using forever. This will likely be cherished for decades to come (literally – like on our next of kin!)


Buy the Smile Dent Pro here.


Smile dent pro instructions

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Wednesday, 10 August 2022