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Fix: YouTube App Error Adding to Playlist

Fix: YouTube App Error Adding to Playlist

While using the YouTube app on iOS, you receive an error every time you try to save a video to a playlist. In most cases, you simply want to save a video to your “favorites” playlist but you get the error: error adding to playlist. In some cases, you are able to save a video to your favorites playlist successfully. It does not matter the playlist you save it to.


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What has worked for us is to end the YouTube app, re-open it, wait 30 seconds, then finally try to save your video again to a playlist. So far, this has worked most of the time for us.


This is definitely an issue with the YouTube app. YouTube has been updating their app bi-weekly it seems, however the error adding to playlist error is not fixed.


As a workaround, you can always go back to your YouTube watch history Library -> History and add videos to your playlists that were unsuccessful before so you don’t forget about them in the future.


If you are also experiencing this issue, use the comment form below.

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Sunday, 04 December 2022