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Longest Commercial Airplane Flights and Crashes

Longest Commercial Airplane Flights and Crashes
This is an attempt at a complete list of all commercial passenger jetliner crashes that were airborne for the longest period of time before encountering a catastrophic event leading to the jetliners fate.
This list references the Wikipedia list of aircraft accidents and incidents resulting in at least 50 fatalities. Wikipedia fails to mention complete time statistics for most of the flight information. The calculation in the chart below is mostly derived from official cockpit voice recorder transcripts found online on various sites mentioned below.
The purpose of this research is to understand the longest flights airborne before crashing and what ultimately led the flight to a catastrophic event.
The list is far from complete and we hope our community will help add to the list while properly citing references.
Official List of Commercial Airplanes Flying Time Prior to Crashing:
Flight: Airborne: Cause: Notes/Year:
Korean Air Lines Flight 007 6hr and 6min Shoot down 1983 Transcripts
China Airlines Flight 140 3hrs Pilot Error 1994
Air New Zealnad Flight 901 4hrs
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Garuda Indonesia Flight 152
Air France Flight 447 4hr 15min
Korean Air Flight 801 4hr
Egypt Air Flight 990
Martinair Flight 138
Agadir Air Disaster
Icelandic Airlines Flight 001
Aviopromet Flight 1308
Aeroflot Flight 3352
Dniprod. Mid Air Collision
Zagreg Mid Air Collision
Kano Air Disaster
PIA Flight 268 4hrs ?
C. Airways Flight 708
American Airlines Flight 965
Tan Son Nhut Accident
Dan-Air Flight 1008
Independent Air Flight 1851
TAP Portugal Flight 425 13hrs ?
Nicosia Britannia Disaster
BOAC Flight 911
Air France Flight 117


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