Google My Business Changes to Notification Settings

Google My Business Changes to Notification Settings

Google recently sent an email to business owners letting them know about new notification settings you can adjust for Google My Business Pages. You now see several options of notifications to turn on/off in Google My Business settings. The new notification preferences are listed below.


Important Updates

Customer Reviews

Customer Photos

Listing Health


Product Updates



Here is a copy of the email Google sent to My Business customers letting them know of the new notification changes and updates.

Google my business new email notifications


To access the new Google My Business Notifications, follow the steps below.


1.  Select your business from the top corner menu, then select My Business

Google my business web property


2. In the top right corner, select the triple bar to reveal Settings. Click Settings.

Goolge my business 3 lines

Google my business settings


3. You will see Email Notification settings for your Google My Business page property.

Google business email notification settings

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Wednesday, 19 June 2024