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Completely Remove FlashFXP from System

Completely Remove FlashFXP from System
  1. Run the uninstaller package if it exists.
    1. Open Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Uninstall FlashFXP here
  2. Remove all application data folders for FlashFXP in the following locations
    1. C:\users\username\AppData\FlashFXP
    2. C:\users\username\Application Data\FlashFXP
    3. C:\users\username\temp\FlashFXP
    4. C:\users\Public\Application Data\FlashFXP
  3. Run Windows Regedit. Open Run -> type regedit.
    1. Remove everything associated with “FlashFXP”. Find these folders and keys below and delete them
    2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FlashFXP
  4. Finally, in RegEdit right-click My Computer and click Find. Ensure Keys, Values names, and Value content are checked.
    1. Search your entire registry for “Flash” and then “FXP” and ensure there is no keys/folders that still exist in your hive.

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Wednesday, 06 July 2022