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What Type of Websites Earn Money?

What Type of Websites Earn Money?
People create websites for different reasons. Examples of some websites include information sharing websites, brochure websites, ecommerce websites, personal websites, blogging websites, and media sharing websites. It doesn’t matter the type of website you are creating since all websites can make money if you adopt a monetization strategy. Monetizing is making money off of traffic and or conversions to your website. Essentially, anybody that visits your website can make an action such as clicking an Ad or purchasing a product you feature. We will cover more on these strategies later in this guide.
The only people who set out to make a “money making website” are already in the businesses of doing so. These people are experienced webmasters, bloggers, or advertisers and likely have more than a few years of experience. If you are new to web design, it will be extraordinarily difficult creating a money making website without careful planning your website topic and niche well in advance. See our article on finding your website niche.
The Truth About Money Making Websites

  • Only a fraction of the millions of websites make money. Out of these websites, most will only make a $50 in their lifetime, if that. In the (read our article on affiliate marketing) world, an affiliate marketing company typically approves qualified websites to make money. Don’t expect to put together a quick website and expect a company to approve you to display on ads on it. Additionally, some affiliate marketing, like Amazon Associates, requires you to make at least one sale in a time frame before you are approved in their program. Google AdSense, one of the easiest ways to monetize a website, has a long line and stringent list of qualifications to be accepted into.
  • It is absolutely important you understand basic website terminology and creating websites. We cannot stress this enough. Without basic knowledge, you will be setting yourself up for failure, guaranteed. You will not understand common practices in design, search engine optimization, and fundamentals for driving organic traffic to your website. Please review our website builder guide week-by-week before moving forward with a money making website. You will save yourself having to go back and fix things and more time for creating unique content. This is crucial.
  • LOVE what you do! Websites earning $1000’s and more a year are due to commitment, countless time spent researching and learning, motivation, and determination. In the first couple of years developing a money making website, you will find yourself putting more time and possibly money into your website and receive little to no return. This is perfectly normally and should be accepted as part of the process. Experienced webmasters will not monetize their website until they are satisfied with the quality of content and attention (traffic) they are drawing to it.
  • Commitment. Creating a website requires absolute commitment. It is an obligated hobby or job and is one of the most worthwhile if done correctly. Hold yourself to high standards, high quality work, and a diligent work effort. After all, your website speaks to you. Encourage yourself to produce outstanding results. It’s important for you to feel satisfied during your commitment. Create provoking content you want others to learn about.
Today, completely unique websites are only successful. A website design, user-interface, branding, and most importantly content, must speak for it’s own. Today, majority of websites feature and offer the same content as other major leading websites. This is main reason why websites fail or never receive organic traffic even after many years. Unless you have a lot of money to invest with Google to pay for ranking, stick to unique content.
Find a Spectacular Interest in a Specific Topic. Personal Experience Helps in this Topic.
Take time to reflect on a topic you are knowledgeable in. Why are you knowledgeable in this? Do you enjoy thinking or talking about this topic? If yes, this is an excellent starting point for a topic to focus your website on. In addition, think about your professional qualifications, course of study, hobbies, and things you have in common with your friends. The most effective way to begin a website is having plenty of information to write and expand on. One rule: money making websites should encompass as many people as possible. Keep that in mind as you decide on your topic.
All else fails, write about yourself. Today, people are infatuated with reading about others real life. All it takes if for someone to relate to your experiences. Personally, when I can relate to someone, my curiosity is peaked and I value what that person says. Share your life as it unfolds. Share with what your comfortable with - pictures, videos, voice recordings, etc... Write product reviews for items your purchased already. Product unboxings are extremely popular online. These provide a first hand experience from a product review from opening to operating.
Your Brand
Create your brand identity and logo before writing and developing website content. This will help resolve thought to your brand and to write towards a general idea. This is extremely important for visitors to your website. Perhaps a visitor Googled an article on your website. They finish reading your article, identify your brand, and explore your website for other articles to read. Brand awareness is crucial to first-time visitors. Your potential to encourage these visitors browsing more of your website content instead of leaving it after.
Developing a money making website out the gates is an extraordinary undertaking. Basic prerequisites to start is having prior web design experience, developed a website that successfully produced organic search traffic, and requires someone familiar with competitive keyword analysis in Internet marketing. If you don’t meet these prerequisites, you could find yourself hashing out large sums of money to companies that can help you. We recommend taking the necessary time associated and learn through our website guides. There is no reason to spend money to make money – period.

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