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Solution Chicago Website Builder Week 2: Deciding on Your Website Concept

Solution Chicago Website Builder Week 2: Deciding on Your Website Concept
Welcome to the second week of your website design guide. You will focus on your new website concept this week. Your concept will include the main topic of your website. You will choose a keyword(s) that you will build your concept around. Before we get to work, let’s do some background research on the keyword(s) you are choosing.
In this example, we will use Long Tail Pro to analyze they types of keywords and phrases to focus creating content around. Long Tail has a trial version you can use for the examples we will be doing too. See our article on 12 Search Engine Optimization Tools Necessary for Webmasters Today for more recommendations on finding keywords.
Our new website will be about Lampshades. Specifically, we will write content about custom lampshades, types of lampshades, lampshades and different materials they are made from. Below are some seed keywords I want to use and will input into Long Tail Pro.
Lampshade Designs
Lampshade Material
Lampshade Repair
Lampshade Stores
As an alternative, you can use google and type in search content and let Google offer suggestions for what people are actively searching for. See example below. The top results returned will be most competitive.
Google Search Terms Box Chicago
As Long Tail searches the keywords we mentioned, we are going to focus on Low advertiser competition with a lot of Local Searches. This will help guarantee Google Adwords advertisers to server content on our site. In our example search, Long Tail has recommended these Keywords with Low advertiser competition and at least 1000 local searches.

Google KeyWord Search Chicago
Based on these results, we will focus on making content around diy lampshades, how to make a lampshade, lightshade, shade stores, and the lamp. These terms will guide us on launching our initial website with content.
If we expand these keywords in Long Tail, we will see what Google wants to reference in it’s searches. DIY Lampshades top authorative search results DON’T have any domain names with the word “lamp”. We should be able to overtake these websites in competition easily (even if the websites are older than ours).          
Competitor Bid Google Search Chicago
Next, let’s determine our new domain name for our website. We want to keep Lampshade in the name, at least. Based off the keywords we want to use, lets go with Purchase your domain (and check to make sure availability) at Become The Solution online Store. Buying your domain, whether a first time buyer or novice, is always exciting!

In summary, your website concept is the core of your website theme. Your keywords will mold your website and its presentation to users. Time and commitment are absolutely necessary during this week of planning. If you need more time, take it. You don’t want to start a website and not be 100% sure on a concept or keywords to use. You won’t feel confident enough to come up with creative information to share. Trust us!

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Friday, 20 October 2017
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