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Outstanding Social Media Apps to Control All Your Social Media Accounts

Outstanding Social Media Apps to Control All Your Social Media Accounts

Today, new social media platforms come out each week. Some die and some live. The bottom line is we are dominated by a plethora of social media platforms that each offer something unique to users. Of course, we have our own favorite social media apps. We are going to introduce you to one way to easily manage all social media platforms (that are relatively new) from one console. These powerful platforms leverage the latest technologies to manage your social media posts, updates, comments, media, and more from one application!


View all of your business’s social networks, streams, and scheduled messages in one customizable place–with only one password to remember. Sharing content shouldn’t take all day. Save time and work more efficiently by scheduling up to 350 messages to publish to your social networks in advance. Now you can digest and present big data easily. Create sharp, customized reports that show the real impact social media has on your business, and how you can improve it. Whether you're an internal team or an agency with multiple clients, you can delegate tasks and set permissions for various users, making it easier to collaborate and get things done. What's your audience saying about you? What are your competitors up to?

Create streams to search for specific keywords and hashtags to keep your finger on the pulse of the social world. Finding content to share is time-consuming. Hootsuite Pro makes it infinitely easier to find relevant and engaging content to share with your audience. Engage with people across all your social media accounts through a single dashboard. Create custom, targeted streams to see the conversations relevant to you as they unfold. Then engage with your audiences quickly and consistently—across your organization. Visit the Hootsuite App Directory

Hoot Suite Chicago


Why Use:

*Engage with followers across all of your social networks, to increase your audience and brand awareness. With Hootsuite engagement tools, you can monitor the conversations that matter the most to you.
*Schedule hundreds of targeted messages easily, and get personalized content suggestions to share. Hootsuite publishing tools take the pain out of finding and posting content so you can get more done.
*Identify growth opportunities and find out which campaigns are working best for you. Hootsuite analytics makes it easy to create and share reports that clearly show how your efforts impact your social media goals.
*One of the most widley used social media platforms today
*10 Million users worldwide
*175 Countries
*2 Million + application installs


Sprout Social

Founded in 2010 and CHICAGO BASED, Sprout Social is built on the idea that the world is better when businesses and customers communicate freely. We exist to help streamline and enhance those conversations—with customers, prospects and enthusiasts. Our platform is packed with handy features but stays out of the way to let brands easily engage with people and build lasting relationships. Sprout doesn’t build itself—we have a dedicated team that is relentless about developing superior software and solving the hard problems for our customers. Team Sprout boasts a quirky and diverse combination of people with their own characteristics and outside interests.

Sprout is a private company backed by the venture funds of NEA and Lightbank. In four years, we’ve earned the trust of more than 15,000 amazing customers and our team has grown into the hundreds. We stay active in the industry and love to share our insights and cultivate conversations with other social business enthusiasts.

Chicago Solution Sprout


Why Use:

*Unified Smart Inbox to streamline engagement.
*Social CRM tools including shared customer records.
*Advanced scheduling tools including ViralPost
*Sophisticated analytics and unlimited custom reports.
*Customer support features like tasks and Helpdesk.
*Team collaboration tools including live activity updates.

Solution Chicago Sprout Clients



Agora Pulse

Manage all Social Media messages in one place, Schedule and Publish content
Get stunning reports on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Agora Pulse Solution Chciago


Why Use:

*The first social platform to offer inbox zero features for your social media accounts
*See what’s been handled, what hasn’t, and who’s on it! Never miss a tweet or comment and relax into that fresh, clean inbox zero feeling.
*Unlimited reports with Powerpoint
*Some of the most advanced reporting - even beating out traditional social media platforms reporting

Agora Pulse Chicago



Manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure ROI right from one, easy-to-use dashboard. Sendible allows businesses to manage their social media more effectively and to better understand their ROI. Our raison d’etre is to excel at the delivery and execution of a robust, reliable product and at the same time providing exceptional customer service.

Sendible Solution Chicago


Sendible has always been focused on doing what is right for its customers. Our philosophy is to innovate and build features that are most useful to the majority of our users while at the same time creating a positive customer experience that cannot be found with our competitors.

Why Use:

*Keep on top of social media by focusing on the important stuff with our social inbox.
*Monitor mentions of your brand & react to negative sentiment on the social web.
*Grow your business with our powerful lead generation tools & Social CRM.
*Make sense of your social media marketing efforts with in-depth analytics.
*Monitor what's being said about your brand on social media.
*Measure the success of every piece of content you share.
*Analyze data across multiple social profiles.
*Engage with customers across multiple social channels.

* Please use the comment form below to let us know if you experience issues, have questions, or can provide solution. We want and encourage feedback. *

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