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Making Money $ with your Twitter Account – Just Starting

Making Money $ with your Twitter Account – Just Starting
Twitter is becoming one of the most unique ways to earn steady income from. If you are new to Twitter, follow this guide to lead you to financial freedom and build your Twitter Empire.
The first step is to register a Twitter handle (username) that’s eye appealing and catching. This is the most important step to target your twitter empire audience. Spend time on this. Popular niche handles include using a city name, try to maintain a lot of vowels, avoid numbers and special characters, and use a name you use online a lot already. It is important to have your “target” audience aligned. You will need to spend
considerable time on Twitter researching other Twitter accounts that target your niche. You should:
  • Build a list of Twitter accounts that are active (the account posts at least once a day) and have 1000’s of followers that target your niche
  • Follow Twitter “lists” that have your niche. Retweet and comment on posts within these lists to promote your brand niche.
  • Research your niche’s popular “hashtags”. You can easily do this by reviewing posts that re-use the same hashtags. Make a list of the most popular hashtags used. You can judge popularity of hashtags based on favorites and retweets of them. 
Follower Strategy
You must target active Twitter users. The most active users on Twitter are usually the ones who “favorite” and “retweet” posts as they are doing an “actionable” gesture.

Eventually, you will get added to “Twitter Lists”. Take note of these lists and investigate their followers. These lists will likely have new of your target niche audience in them.
Making Money Twitter
Businesses that want to establish Internet presence quickly look for big numbers, fast. More numbers means more attention, right? Yes and no. The bottom line here is that more Twitter followers will gain your account more attention and reputation in either case. There are several steps you can take to grow your Twitter followers exponentially.
  • Currently, Twitter allows you to follow 2000 accounts without any followers. Before you start following, create a few content rich Twitter posts with effective hashtags. After, follow your niche target followers from Twitter accounts. Remember, Twitter organizes its follower lists from most recently followed to last recently followed. In other words, when you open a Twitter account followers, the last person to have followed that account will appear at the top of the list.
  • Stay consistent. Follow followers diversely. Hold yourself to follow the top 50 or 100 followers of an account and move on. Remember, those will be “active twitter users” since they recently followed the same account.
  • Eventually, your follower base will steadily increase. It is important to maintain those followers by providing rich content to them. You must continually post and share updates otherwise you will soon lose those followers, more often than not.
  • Large following Twitter accounts will employee “follow back” strategy. This is good in terms of locking in a follower – so the follow is mutual. This can be constraining too as it will lead to same ratio of followers and followed which in return won’t let you grow your follower rate based on Twitters ratio regulations. We don’t believe in the follow back strategy because it focuses too much on trying to get followers and not focusing enough on content of your account. Trust me, other Twitter users will notice this. It can tarnish your Twitter reputation, too.
  • Check your niche’s posts. Look for popular posts that have plenty of favorites and retweets. Next, follow those accounts that retweeted and favorited that post. This is strategic for 2 reasons.
  • A retweet and favorite is an actionable item. This means that twitter account is “active” in terms of making an actionable response.
  • In return, you are following an active Twitter account, which is more likely to follow you back.
Keeping Content Streamlined
You won’t always be writing content to share on Twitter. You will need to fill the void of posting news to your Twitter audience through other means. Build a list of reputable news sources. Here are couple you can use.
CNN – 95,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
Yahoo ! – 175,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
Google News – 150,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
Washington Post – 47,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
Huffington Post – 110,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
New York Times – 70,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
NBC News – 63,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
It’s important to keep on Twitter as much as you can, conservatively. In the down moments of the day when you can pop onto your mobile device to make a post from an interesting news story or niche, post it. There are Twitter users waiting to read the same article you just read on the same site – but reach them first through Twitter!
Generating an average of 5 posts a day is a tremendous and feasible goal with Twitter. You can do it!
Twitter automation tools make it so you literally don’t even need to login or view your Twitter account. This in reality takes knowledge and information away from what you’re trying to do. It’s not ideal and will reflect poorly of your Twitter account. Some automation of posts can be worthwhile.
Don’t spam your followers. Re-posting the same tweet more than twice a day is A LOT. Sure, you’re trying to reach more hashtag followers with this strategy, but I’m not someone that wants the same story coming through my feed list. It’s important to realize this as you grow your follower base.
twitter make money
Tweepi is a free tool that will help you bulk follower users. It’s free and extremely efficient. It’s the one Twitter tool we will suggest to help you with your Twitter account.
Don’t buy bulk Twitter followers. The reasons why are simple. These types of followers are not active Twitter account users. Twitter has intelligent tools to track accounts being made to “fluff” Twitter accounts. These types of accounts are actively tracked and deleted by Twitter during Twitters “sweeping” periods. Eventually, you will lose all the followers you bought at one point. Avoid this!
Making Big Money
As you continue employing your Twitter Empire, you can immediately begin making money. Review these strategies to help earn you a steady income froma your Twitter account.
Sponsored Tweets is an explosive and one of the best ways to monetize your Twitter account online today. Advertisers will pay you to tweet information. The setup is bid format. You will bid on an Advertisers tweet and can write a message to upsell yourself. The Advertiser will review your bid and either accept or decline it. If accepted, you will receive content and requirements for the post. The Advertiser will then schedule the tweet and make the tweet. You will be paid for the post within 30 days.
Buy Sell Ads is another great monetization tool for Twitter.
Keep us up to date on your journey with making money with Twitter. Share your thoughts and suggestions below!

* Please use the comment form below to let us know if you experience issues, have questions, or can provide solution. We want and encourage feedback. *

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