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Google Organic Search Traffic Strategy

Google Organic Search Traffic Strategy
The quickest way to get organic Google traffic today is to publish something "unknown" to Google. Publish a solution to a problem – Google LOVES this. Keep in mind what YOU search in Google exactly. For example, you might search "fix Windows OS 9.1 category snippet". You type this exact phrase into Google and of course you get no results because it's really not something someone typically searches. For example, let's say Windows released a patch on patch Tuesday for Windows 10 for Windows Edge browser. You install the patch and the next time you opened Windows Edge browse you get a unique error message like "Windows Edge Cannot Start due to error -435342342 etc...). Google that error message exactly and see if you can find anything. If not, BLOG about it immediately - even if you don't have a solution to it.
Google will rank you first with those keywords as others soon begin searching for it. This way when others search the same issue they will most likely encounter, you will encourage users to comment to help figure out a solution. Make those keywords in your H1 and Title tags of a page. Find problems that don't exist on Google - they can be anything general to specific problems. Proprietary problems (like solving Operating System or Software error messages) have a big audience and are excellent material for a new website.

This is a proven way to get yourself outstanding search engine optimization quickly if you are starting a new blog. Remember to keep H1 and TITLE tags with relevant information a user might be searching. With Google’s latest algorithms, these tags are vital for SEO. Meta data seems to have fallen off the radar with Google – with Title tag’s overcoming meta data.
Remember: show your audience something that doesn’t exist anywhere else and that is beneficial to them. Google wants webmasters to do this – they want the Internet to be a Bible of knowledge and solutions.
There are sources online to help give you problems that need solutions. Check out Microsoft TechNet, Google Forums, and

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

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