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Check Website Value Worth

Check Website Value Worth
Website owners are continually conscious of their website value. Web value includes but is not limited to -  traffic referral, domain authority, social media signals, quality backlinks, your SEO referrals, and affiliate marketing revenue.
When you search in Google for terms similar too website value calculator, you will find several websites that claim to “evaluate” your website domain name and determine an overall value. This value is usually derived from the following factors.
Traffic based by country (Geo-targeting)
Average daily earnings based on Ad Revenues
Search Engine Indexes (Amount of links indexed to your website)
Social Media Visibility (Total social media shares on associated handles)
Generally, it is very difficult to put a price tag on a website.  Flippa is a marketplace for buyers and sellers of websites and domain names. To help valuate websites listed on Flippa, the following information is required.
Site Age (Typically the domain name age)
Site Type (Ecommerce, book, etc)
Platform (The website CMS)
Traffic Verified by Google Analytics (Avg. session durations, bounce rate, page views, uniques)
Monetization Methods (Google AdSense, ClickBank, Amazon, ect.)
A common saying “A website is only valued at what it can make in return x2”. If your website makes $10 each month across all forms of revenue, that translates into $120 a year. At $120 a year x2, your site value would start at around $240. While this is true in some circumstances, it’s not always.
Let’s assume you have a great brand (a blog, promotion of some product, news website, graphic work, etc). You’re not making money off your brand per say, but you have decent organic traffic, respectable social media following, and sufficient of brand awareness online. Maybe you even trademarked your brand. If someone wants to make you a serious offer, they will because they like what you have and there is potential in your brand.
Now, let’s review websites that offer free evaluation of what websites are potentially worth.

Website Looker Review

Worth of Web Review
Site Price Review
Your Website Value Review
Free Site Worth Review
Web Value Check Review
Webuka Review
Website Outlook Review
*Note: Google PageRank was a contributing factor for website evaluators in determining website value. However, Google PageRank has been confirmed dead.
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thank for share useful information

thank for share useful information
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