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The Importance of Domain Authority

The Importance of Domain Authority
Understanding domain authority is important once you’ve mastered the blogging and social media strategy’s discussed on our site. Domain authority measures a website “internet credibility”. This credibility is determined by how well a domain is likely to rank with Google.

DA gives advertisers and networks information about how well their ad products would fair at your domain name. This ranking comes from MOZ bases the DA rankings on a 100-point scale, 100 being the most trustworthy site on the internet. You won’t know exactly how DA is calculated, but some calculations include total links and pages. Domain authority is a comparative value that demonstrates if quality or updates to your site aren’t “good” enough. Do not get page authority confused with domain authority. As the names represents, page authority is for a specific page and domain authority is for an entire website.
Domain authority is calculated based on factors you can control. Your SEO friendliness (SERP: search engine result page) and where your article pages’ place in the rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing. Your Social Media shares signal who found your articles interesting and worthwhile. This metric can be hard to estimate, as services offer to boost your social media shares for money. Writing quality and original content is critical to Domain Authority. Your content must show it’s the only kind on the Internet. Why read something the same or close to the same online? Backlinks to authorative sites including .edu domains, high page rank domains, and your Moz trust and rank score benefit domain authority. Learn more on Moz below. Finally, root domain linking is your website top level domain linking to other websites. This calculation is as many links from one domain or many links from other domains.
Build your off-page SEO to increase your domain authority score. Types include effective blog commenting, where comments use highlight words relevant to your blog post. Register as many social media handle outlets as possible. Social media expands your content world wide immediately and helps drive you traffic by linking your website on these outlets. See our post for some of the top social media platforms we recommend today. Post in high page rank forums. You can post and link to your content with “do-follow” linking. Engage forum audiences and respond to other’s posts that are your niche too. Internal linking (like we are doing here!) is important to search engines like Google. Wikipedia is a great example of internal link building. Publish photos with big player sharing sites including Flickr, Picasa, Picil, and Photo Bucket. Business reviews are an easy way to find quick exposure. Start by writing reviews for other businesses and in return ask them the write a review for you. Some sites include Shvoong, Stylefeeder, Yelp. Press releases are simple and cheap ways to tells others what your business is up to. Check out our article on press release strategies.
MOZ summarizes on their website that maximizing your SEO is the best way to improve your domain authority. Back links are important too. Remember to guest blog as much as you can. The age of your domain is very attractive to determining good domain authority. Google recognizes domain age as 1 of the 200 factors it uses for it's search engine algorithm's. 
Keep in mind, MOZ uses much of the algorithms from Google and therefore your rating will come from a lot of what Google already knows about you.
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Rank ME on Thursday, 07 September 2017 12:11

I carried out a small experiment for a month and found a blog lower DA could easily outrank a higher DA domain if it got relevant and powerful backlinks. That’s all that is necessary!
Domain Authority Checker

I carried out a small experiment for a month and found a blog lower DA could easily outrank a higher DA domain if it got relevant and powerful backlinks. That’s all that is necessary! [url=]Domain Authority Checker[/url]
Sunday, 22 October 2017

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