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Solution Chicago Website Builder Week 3: Grabbing Your Social Media Handles and Planning Your Website CMS

Solution Chicago Website Builder Week 3: Grabbing Your Social Media Handles and Planning Your Website CMS
Solution Chicago Website Builder Week 3: Grabbing Your Social Media Handles and Planning your Website CMS
Now that we’re set on our Website Concept, we will need to decide on a professional looking template to deploy our website. First, let’s look at the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) today.
WordPress is the Internet’s leading free Content Management System. If you are blogger, it’s simply the most powerful blogging platform available because it solves many of the common SEO problems other CMS’s have. It has hundreds of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes. The most basic cookie cutter free templates available are some of the most used templates online – and you probably can’t tell!
Solution Chicago Wordpress
Joomla is a free open source CMS. It’s popular among web designers who want to be as least concerned for paid content. Today, there a lot of publishers have their own framework wrapping inside of Joomla. Some Frameworks include T3, RocketLauncher, Helix3, and more. Many argue that these types of Joomla frameworks slow down and take away what open source is about, including speed; however, some believe these make publishing content with Joomla easier. In this example, we will use Joomla to create and publish our Lampshade website. See our post on Top Joomla 3 Templates Free and Professional Responsive
Solution Chicago Joomla
Drupal is another free open source CMS. To many, it’s one of the easiest CMS to learn quickly for those with no prior web design experience.
Solution Chicago Drupal
Subrion is a free open source CMS with some popular kickstart templates. Kickstart is the quickest way to get a website started from ground up. A kickstart typically includes a CMS, a template, and a template with pre-built information that you can massage to your liking (logo, menus, etc).
Other Poprular CMS Platforms include: Magento good eCommerce site building, BlogCMS, Magento, Dreamweaver
Since we won’t be blogging, we eliminated WordPress for now. For this guide and our new website, we will be using a kickstart Joomla template to get us started! See next week tutorial for more information.

Social Media Accounts
Let’s gather and register as many social media services as we can for our new business idea concept. We will want to create accounts with relevant wording to our website name Below is a list of Social Media services you should definitely register with regardless of whether you will use them now or not. The point is to get the name you want registered with as many social media accounts now so the names aren’t taken by someone else.
Register with all the Social Media providers below ASAP. Fill out as much as you can for all the media profiles including descriptions, a profile picture that is consistent on all accounts, and more importantly your website link. The website link is essentially a free backlink to your website with good page rank – so take advantage of it where you can! For your social media name, be sure to include at least one relevant part of your website domain name. If you can include it all – even better. This is critical.
Top Solution Chicago Social Media Accounts Today Register Them Now!

solution chicago gmail
solution chicago yahoo flickr


solution chicago tumblr
solution chicago foursquare


solution chicago pinterest
solution chicago scoop it
solution chicago flipboard
solution chicago reditt
solution chicago twitter


solution chicago google plus
solution chicago youtube
solution chicago yelp
solution chicago kwerdo
solution chicago mixcloud
solution chicago soundcloud
solution chicago hub pages
solution chicago raze
solution chicago delicious
solution chicago linkedin
solution chicago live leak


It’s ok to take your time to register these. Take the time to make meaningful descriptions to all the accounts. It will be a long and worthwhile process – we promise! If you’re lazy though, you can hire someone on Fiverr to do the work for you.

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