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Press Release 101 Strategy

Press Release 101 Strategy

If you’re a new business trying to gain Internet publicity, press releases offer the quickest and easiest way to gain maximum exposure online through marketing businesses. A press release provides information about your business, product, and services to a targeted audience. A press release is very specific in verbiage. It is NOT a sales pitch. Read on to find out why businesses do press release and how to effectively write a press release.


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Press releases bring businesses visibility to many people. It’s a way to publish your business and build backlinks to your website online. There are many other benefits to a press release including:

Announce news that will captures audience’s attention. Even if you don’t have something specifically to announce ‘big’ to announce, your business name, be as creative as it might be, is enough news in itself! You want to reach other demographics, cities, or events quickly. Press releases offer this exposure quickly, efficiently, and cheaply!
Improve your search engine optimization. Your press release won’t be removed. You’ll gain SEO on other webpages marketing your press release including social media exposure, comments, and questions. Carefully plan your press release in every aspect – time, audience, sources. A press release will increase traffic to your website instantly. Your press release helps market yourself as the ‘expert’ in your community. You’re selling yourself as someone with extensive knowledge in your field. This builds trust and confidence with potential customers.
When writing a press release, ask yourself these questions as much as possible:
How did this press release come to surface? How is this going to relevant to the topic of your choice?
What is new and exciting – and the reason for this press release?
Who are you targeting for an audience?
When is the press release happening – is this at all telling in what you are sharing?
Brainstorm, brainstorm, and brainstorm. You will find brainstorming ideas makes writing a press release much easier because of the ideas you have at your disposal. Take a look at other sample press releases found here and here. Your sentences should read punchy and be 20 words in length on average. Ask - what will make a journalist pick up their phone and call you? Quote people inside and outside your organization. What are they saying about this idea? Quotes are powerful in that they reveal another point of view on a subject which helps readers think and stay interested in what their reading.
In certain cases, double-spacing a press release make is easier to read. Keep paragraphs to a minimum. Remember, a paragraph is at least 5 sentences. Paragraph structure should read like a formal essay – first paragraph is idea, second paragraph expands in detail on the idea, third paragraph can have a quote and more detail, the last paragraph summarizes with final information.
The best way to capture a journalist’s attention is to use specific wording and through email. Do not send attachments. Use email subject line for your actual press release title. Consider your target journalist. What type of press release are you creating – local, specialist, consumer, national, niche? Photos grab attention. If a press release allows imagery, take advantage of it. Do not go overboard here. Typically, include a company logo image or something that identifies your brand/company.
End a press release “For further information, please contact”. Add information about your business including name, address, phone number, email. You can also add a small quote or mission statement. Typically, information about the company’s purpose in a sentence will be just fine.
Below are excellent press release sites with high Google page rankings. Submit your next press release with them!
Free PR: google pr icon6 PR: google pr icon6
Paid PR: google pr icon7
You can always ask us to submit or write your next press release for you! Remember to subscribe to your newsletter or use our contact forum!
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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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