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Insert Pause Key for an iPhone Contact (To Dial Bridge Numbers)

How To: Insert Pause Key for an iPhone Contact (To Dial Bridge Numbers)

You can create an iPhone contact that will automatically dial a phone number, pause, and input a code (such as a bridge meeting CiscoWebex/GoToMetting/Open Voice, etc.). The “,” key is used to insert a pause in an iPhone contact. Each “,” inserted will add about a second of pause to the automatic dialing sequence. Use the following format below.


(000) 000-000,,,,000000000# 

(# is usually followed by a meeting dial-in)


Copy and paste version for iPhone contact



Just change the dialing number and meeting number. We used 4 seconds of pause (,,,,) in our GoToMeeting bridge dial-in number. You may have to experiment with other types of numbers to get the pause right.


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Saturday, 19 January 2019

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