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Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website

Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website
Your satisfaction.
The most important factor choosing a domain name is ensuring your satisfaction with it. This name will ultimately serve your business for decades, make mention by honorable media publications, be shared amongst thousands of peers, and be the first headline in consumers heads when they need information about you. It’s absolutely important to you that you’re pleased with your name. Don’t settle. Take careful consideration into your domain name (business name) and make sure it makes you smile when you read it.
Capture all Social Media Handles

After you settle on a name, gather your social media requirements. What social media will your business utilize (at start-up) to gain maximum exposure? Here’s seven must social media opportunities you should register your business with: Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.
Register with the same social media business name handle – if possible. If your domain is – it’s important to register your Facebook business page as facebook/com/toysforageneration. Nearly all media outlets allow you to customize your handle. Stay consistent! Lock down other social media outlets with your name so someone else doesn’t get it before you or your launch your name.

Keeping consistent with the same social media handle allows for tremendous search engine optimization (SEO) exposure. Your website and social media backlinks will follow a similar format and they will be easy for your audience to remember.

Keyword based domains?

Google no longer places value on SEO strategy’s that try and move ahead websites from others. It’s important however; to keep in my keywords your business and website can be found by.

Branding your name 

Ensure your name is brandable – Google is obsessed with building a brand for your domain. Make sure to have a domain name that stands out and will help build your brand. It’s important for your audience to help recognize you for what you are about.
Each week, ICANN approves new TLD (Top Level Domain Names) that consumers are able to purchase. The prices vary per TLD. The days of booming 90's and early millennium domain names are gone. While .com is today is still primarily used to represent a commercial (business, organization, for-profit), the domain marketplace is becoming more competitive with new TLD’s.
Businesses that can afford it will buy-out the .com .net .org .club .biz. info .name etc. counterparts for their new domain name. Don’t do this! People and search engines trust websites with domains that end .com compared to others. This won’t be changing anytime soon. If your business will be blomg, business, or e-commerce site opt for .com domain.


You must create a name nobody has heard before, period. The name can have a level of commonality other names might, but you’ll have to differentiate from the other millions of domains names today. Avoid hyphens in your name – this doesn’t make it unique!

Where to buy your domain?

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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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