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Beginning Your New Website

Beginning Your New Website
In order to build successful website content, it’s important to brainstorm and develop a strategy. Your strategy must be formed in the eyes of a salesman. How will your website sell to your customers? How will you attract customers that will help bring continued value to your website? Remember, it is high quality content that will be the driving force of your new website.
One of the most important decisions you must make for your new website is hosting. Figuring out a hosting plan, how much traffic you will potentially draw out the gates, reliability, security, and more. There is a lot to review and a lot involved. Become The Solution will help you get started in this direction for free. There’s even consideration to host your content for nothing. Read on in our other blogs for more details.

Your initial design should be theme targeted. You are guaranteed to target quality traffic using themed content. Decide on a subject or the topic of the website and be sure your sticking to it. Remember to only add articles and content that will showcase your new topic. Each page in your site form the content of your website. Pages should ALWAYS have keywords that a relevant to your topic/subject. A crucial step to becoming search engine optimized is using keywords throughout your website. This is how you will earn your “spot” with search engines. Organic search traffic is your most valuable type of traffic.
The most important feature your website must demonstrate all the time is credibility. Nobody wants to land on a website that can’t protect, backup, or maintain it’s credibility. Stay focused with your content in that it’s specific in your topic/subject. You will want to invest money in your website. Securing your website with an SSL certificate or SiteLock helps build your credibility out the gates. Google likes seeing these types of ‘secure’ sites and you will be rewarded in organic searches for it. Ensuring relevant information is essential to credibility. Remember to be as detailed where possible. Detail will be the determining factor in your website displaying before a competitor in search engines.
You must continue to stay focused, committed, dedicated, understanding, willing, motivated, and determined to give everything you got into your new website. You won’t have much if any interaction to your website in the first months, several months, or year. It takes TIME. Stay focused. As the Internet grows each day so will your website. You WILL be successful at your website if you stay committed. We promise.
Always ask these questions on each page and article of your website
1. Am I relevant to my subject?
2. Am I targeting my audience?
3. Am I interested in what I’m writing?
4. Am I providing useful information or just wording?


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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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