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IT Team Building Exercises

IT Team Building Exercises

Here is an ongoing list of fun, creative, and team-building IT exercises to conduct in a workplace environment. We will continue to update this list. Please let us know if there are other team building exercise we can add to the list by using the comments below.


Amazon Drone Battling

Create drone teams! Each team is given a drone (buy drones in bulk on Amazon here) and must compete in an obstacle course. The course can be inside an office made up! The teams (teams of 5) all must race each other in the obstacle course and complete it. Best time wins! Teams must practice together and formulate strategies to outwit each others drones. Will you allow teams to use projectiles at each others drones? Let creativity win here.


Battle Bots!

Your team must program a battle bot to battle your opponent’s bot! These awesome robots feature programmable sensors, engines, lighting and more! A challenging team building exercise to outwit the other teams bot. Just like as seen on the Battle Bots show.



Create teams and play online Jeopardy! Create categories and questions based on workplace IT topics and earn points. Super easy to use and super fun!


Flashcards Team Build Exercise

Scenario: Form teams of 4-5. Each team gets a stack of 100 flash cards. Teams must create the tallest flashcard tower using only the flashcards and tape! Make a time limit. You will certainly see some clever flash card towers when it’s all over!


Please share your favorite IT Building exercises by using the comments form below.

* Please use the comment form below to let us know if you experience issues, have questions, or can provide solution. We want and encourage feedback. *

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Monday, 21 August 2017
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