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How to Find “What Is Trending” Online

How to Find “What Is Trending” Online
It’s always exciting to be the first to find trending content online – but how difficult can it be? Using the latest social media, websites, and news sources, you can stay on top of the latest trending media online today. Let’s review top trending sources and how you can automate alerts about trending content.
Social Media – Find Viral Trending Media
Facebook is one of the most popular sources delivering viral and trending content through news feeds. Login to Facebook and navigate to your profile News Feed.
At the top right corner, you will find Trending. See below. You can see what is trending on Facebook (content receiving likes, reactions, views, most shares). At the top, you can sort by Top Trends, Politics, Science and Technology, Sports, and Entertainment.
Facebook Trending
Frequently scroll through your news feed. You will see what types of content your friends or pages you liked are sharing. In addition, you can quickly evaluate how popular the content is by checking shares and reactions.
Login to Twitter on your desktop or mobile device. On desktop, Twitter Trends will appear on the far left. On your mobile device, Twitter Trends appear when you click on search.
Twitter Trends
Twitter trends will show you the most popular hashtags on Twitter the moment you search them. By default, Twitter trends are tailored just for you based on who you follow and your location. You can change your tailored target by click “change” but Twitter will only let you update by city.
Click the trending hashtags to get details on what is trending. You can create lists that target popular hashtags as well. A popular Twitter handle you can quickly check for trending content is here. Also, Hashtagify is a website that shows the most popular Twitter Hashtags for any given time.
On your mobile device, login to Instagram. Click on the search icon. You will immediately see Trending Tags, Trending Places, and popular video posts. A good strategy is click through trending tags and popular photos and identify the popular Instagram account sharing the trending media. It’s likely that particular Instagram account will trend again with content and you should make note to check the account in the future.
Instagram Trending Places
Instagram is the most popular place to share photos but has also become popular for sharing personal videos. You will find a lot of content only on Instagram because of Instagram’s strict policies on types of devices that can access Instagram accounts.
Login to Pinterest. Select search then change your search for Popular. You will instantly see what’s trending everywhere on Pinterest. Taylor what is trending to your interests – and start re-pinning!

Pinterest Most Popular
On the YouTube homepage, you will see Trending tab. Instantly see the top videos on YouTube receiving the most hits. Additionally, you can type a topic into YouTube search, then sort by View count. This will show videos of that topic that are most viewed and popular of all-time.
YouTube Trending
YouTube Search Views
Strategies to Going Viral on Your Social Media
In effort to promote your social media accounts, share trending content where it isn’t trending yet on social media. For instance, a Facebook post is receiving thousands of likes, reactions etc. Start a Twitter post and share that Facebook post. Find a YouTube video going viral? Share it on your Facebook page. You will start to see the same viral trends happening across social media.
Useful Websites Finding Viral Trends
TagsForLikes – See popular hashtags across all social media platforms.
Whatstrending – See videos currently going viral on the Internet
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