Social Media Marketing Starter

Social Media Marketing Starter

Social Media is a critical tool for building your online business reputation. Fact: The Internet of things doesn’t require a business to have a website anymore.  When your business is searched in Google, all relevant social media links follow suit to your top 10 Google results. It is vital to keep all social media outlets up to date. Social Media is a proven method to share content quickly and efficiently amongst large audiences – even when you don’t have a large following!


 Social Media Starter

What Will Social Media do for my Business?


*Drive traffic targeted to your brand or business. Your content can go viral any minute. Spreading your content online is priority as you begin your business.

*Give you a brand online. Share, share, share and spread, spread, spread!

Go Viral With LinkedIn

*Find a new audience of customers. The potential in reaching out to those who only use social media and not the Internet is huge!

*Build reliability and trust for your business. 

*Receive valuable feedback to help your business.

Go Viral With Twitter

*Easily managed statistics. The largest Social Media brands have free tools to track your audience and help you target more people.

*Front-page attention whenever you share content. Your audience instantaneously sees what you want, when you want them to.

Google Search Results Social Media

Social Media has Google Reach in Search Results!

*Our special services target Social Media outlets to help you build your business’ online presence*




How will Become The Solution Help Me?


Our Social Media accounts have a combined established 500,000 user base of ACTIVE followers. We continually share the latest news, tips, and tricks about Technology and more. From humor to interesting articles - if we want to share it we will! We have gone viral in our original posts dozens of times! Our social media accounts have reach onto Google News search, Yahoo, Bing, and other outlets. 

Did you recently publish an article online and need help promoting it? Are you a PR manager looking for more exposure online? Promoting your new website or Blog? Launching a new product? Promoting a VIDEO? Just have something on your mind?

We will share YOUR CONTENT on our Social Media handles - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ at once! This instant reach will be sent to 120,000+ followers immediately. 

We are offering a unique opportunity to help you spread YOUR word! By purchasing our Social Media Package - we will share your content across our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts on a specific date.



Our Social Media Account Average Monthly Reach Information:


Twitter: 390k Monthly Tweet Impressions, 12k Profile Visits, 219+ Mentions, 72k Followers Audience: Technology, Business, Latest

Twitter Average Stats

Facebook: 1500+ Pageviews, 2100+ Followers, 10k Reach, 2k Post Engagements, Audience: Technology, Business, Latest

Facebook Page Average Stats

LinkedIn & LinkedIn Company Page: 800+ Profile Views, 5000+ Followers, Audience: Technology, Business, Latest

Google+: 1000+ Profile Views, Audience: Technology, Business, Latest


*The Tweet must meet Twitter length and conform to the Twitter guidelines
*The Post must conform to the Facebook guidelines
*The Post must conform to the LinkedIn guidelines

Use this form to submit your Tweet and Posts for us to share. At this time, we are limiting the amount of characters to share (140 characters total). You can check charter counts in Microsoft Word. If you would like us to upload and share a video or image, please use our contact us page before submitting to find out more.

Upon submitting an order, we will email to confirm details of your post and let you know after we have posted your content and completed your order!


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Questions? Use our contact us page. Be sure to reference the service you are referring too!
*Please Note: We cannot control users social media actions on behalf of your content. Your content will forever stay on our pages!*
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