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What’s Going on with Alexa Ranks Recently?

What’s Going on with Alexa Ranks Recently?

It seems suddenly the Global Alexa ranks have loosened widely. Alexa Country ranks for many of our properties have remained consistent - and in some cases improved. Has there really been an influx of websites with enough traffic to push out many of the top 1 Million Alexa sites in the last couple of months?

Doubt it. Alexa is either going a new update or adjusting to a new algorithm. We compared a few “unverified” Alexa sites to “verified” (paid) Alexa statistic sites and the page views, hits, unique and ranks do not equal what we would expect. It appears there is more accuracy in Alexa “verified” numbers.

Alexa Verified Stats

VS. Non-Verified site below with very similar stats


Alexa Non Verified Stats Site Same as Verified

What does it Mean?

Alexa states they take the average of 3 months’ site statistics. With the sudden drop in Alexa rankings, it could mean more websites will remain this way for a bit unless we see an Alexa update again soon.

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Thursday, 19 January 2017
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