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Don't Fall for Domain Registration Invoices!

Don't Fall for Domain Registration Invoices!
We all own domains. By ICANN law, we’re required fill out 'whois' information in order to register & purchase a domain. It is this information that becomes publicly available to anyone willing to search for it online. There’s several online services that monitor new domain registrations and setup automated emails to domain registrars emails pestering their willingness to “build your website” or offer to submit your new domain to “millions of search optimized engine backlinks”. The pestering doesn’t stop there. As a domain registrar myself, I own and manage several domains that I register under a business name and address. I am plagued by snail mail for my domains that offer to renew my domain. These letters are overwhelmingly teasing, in that they solicit your domain to look as if it’s expiring, or that...

Zoho's Free E-Mail Service For Your Domain

Zoho's Free E-Mail Service For Your Domain is one of the net's only completely free email services that allows you to use a domain name and setup up to 10 free email addresses on it.  I've used Zoho's free email services for several of my domains for more than 4 years now. There's several tiers of Zoho's email service packages. At the time of this article, there 3 paid tiers and 1 free tier:The free tier package is quite nice. Not only do you get 5g free storage but up to 10 free email addresses on the domain you setup. I've only used email for personal & very small businesses and it's served extremely well. You'll get POP/IMAP and SSL is standard if you use Zoho's email servers. I don't normally login to the Zoho web interface...
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