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How To: Install Google Duo for Mac OS X and Face Time (like) with Android Users!

How To: Install Google Duo for Mac OS X and Face Time (like) with Android Users!

Google Duo is the latest app from the Google Play Store and iTunes store that allows you to video chat with anyone else that has the Google Duo app installed. You can quickly use the Google Duo app on your iPhone, Android, or Mac OS X machine to video chat with Android users. Google Duo interface is very similar to that of Apple FaceTime app. Let’s get started installing Google Duo on Mac OS X.

Note: Google Duo is currently available in the iTunes store for iOS mobile devices, however it cannot be installed and used in iTunes or from the App Store in Mac OS X currently.


1. Download Bluestacks for Mac OS X by visiting their website here. Bluestacks allows you to install android apps on your Mac OS X system.

2. Open the DMG file. You will see an image named BlueStacks Installer. Drag the to your Applications folder on Mac.

Install bluestacks mac os x


3. Open from your Applications folder. You may receive a prompt:

“” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

Click Open.


4. You will see a Welcome screen. Click Continue to accept the terms.

Bluestacks mac osx accept terms


5. Ensure App Store Access and Application Communications are checked. Click Install.

Bluestacks osx runs best with following enabled


6. You will be prompted for your Mac OS X password to install new helper tool. Enter your password and select Install Helper.

7. You will see a message Installing BlueStacks then Starting BlueStacks.

Bluestacks installing mac os x


8. Once BlueStacks is started, you can go through the first time setups for Accuracy Locations and Access Location.

Note: Wait some time. You will see the Failed to loan channels message until the Appstore completes setup and installations. You will receive a notification when this is completed, similar to below.

Bluestacks failed to load channels

Bluestacks notification appstore was installed


9. Once at the home screen, click the search icon. Type in duo then select Search Play for duo.

Bluestacks search


A One Time Setup prompt will appear. Follow the instructions for Enable AppStore and Enable App Sync. You will need a Google Account (Gmail) in order to download app from the Google Play store.

Bluestacks one time setup


If you get the infinite Logging in message, just exit out of the sync using the back button and try again.

Bluestacks logging in error


10. Once the Google Play Store is installed, search for duo again. Click Install.

Install osx google duo google play store


11. You will receive a prompt to allow Google Duo access information in Bluestacks. Click Accept.

12. After Google Duo is installed, go to the Home screen. Then go to All Apps -> BlueStacks Settings -> Change App Size.

Bluestacks change app orientation


Choose Tablet for Duo.

Bluestacks google duo change table orientation


13. Launch the Google Duo app. You will be required to verify an actual working phone number with Google Duo, so you will need access to a number, even though you won’t be using the phone number on your Mac.

Google duo verify number


Now you can place and receive calls with fellow Google Duo users! Remember, you will need a microphone and camera to fully utilize Google Duo. By default, BlueStacks will recognize your Mac mic and camera while using the Duo app.


Note: Sometimes, the camera picture can be unaligned or distorted. A simple fix is to hit the back button in bottom left corner (which will momentarily pause a live Duo call and take you to BlueStacks home screen) and then go back into the app.

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

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